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Assalamualaikum :)

After a longggggggggggggggg time and I had so many experience that I didn't tell you guysss. Haha, having fun struggling with SPM with all my dearesttt friendsss. So, if any one of my friends do read thisss, I wanna saiddd that I love you guys so muchhhh!! Thanks for being my friendss during thick and thinn. Uhibbuki fillahhh.May our friendshipp lead our path to jannahhh. Ameeennn.

Out of the topic huh ? Realllyy. Do miss my blogg a lott :-) I do blogging since I was in form 2. Nowwww!I'm officiallyy unemployed! My ageee ? Ermmm 17 years, 6 months 2 days . I guess I still young then .. Still sweet 17 rite ?

Logo yang simple coz i wanna make it fastt! Haha I know it is badd

So, latelyy my friends and I decided to open up an online shoppe! Which I ever had one but I have to closed it due to my parents. Hehe. Now, they gave me a permission to open it backk, but I decided it to open it with my beloved friendss. Guesss who ?? Haha secrett. So, we brand ourselves RELLINAA. So short ritee ? So I put the online shoppe to make it more longer and more exclusive; which I don't think it is. Haha

Ok. Back to malayyy.

Apa yang kami juall ? Kami ada jual black mask, eye mask, lip maskk, tudung mesir! So come dan dapatkannyaa :-)


So, harga ni hanya untuk pre-order sahajaa! So, pre order kita buka sampai 31/1/2014

Next is tudung mesirr. Tudung ni tengah fly daripada mesir, 22/1/2014 ni insya-Allah sampaiii :-)
Harga retail tudung mesir RM 23 UNTUK PLAIN. dan RM 25 (untuk pelangi)

Kalau nak harga borongg jom bincang! Insya-Allah lagi muraah loooo!

OK. do visit usss on

Boleh la tengokk and window shopping kat situ :-)

Kalau dah cukup umur nak daftar SSM. Hehehe.

postage available to all area guna pos laju !!

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